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Complimentary Consultations

If you are curious about how Design Coaching can work for you, and you have been thinking of doing something in your home but don’t know where to start, I can help. Please call me for a complimentary consultation to get started. We can connect and work together in person or virtually.

Design Coaching

Design Coaching is about honoring the vision of my client.  It is not about what I like and how I think you should live. It is about teaching you how to sift through and find all the best possibilities that are available to you in terms of design products and contractors for your home. In working with me, you get my 40 years of experience in the construction / design community, and you get to benefit from my discounts base on my relationships in that community.

Beginning the Process

We’ll talk, identify goals, create a budget, make sketches, play with colors and materials, go shopping, renovate as needed… and in the end, you will have a home that brings you peace and harmony.